‘Cinderella’ finally arrives in Broadway in 2013. From the pages of the original 17th century novel by Charles Perrault, to the 1957 Rodgers and Hammerstein TV special starring Julie Andrews and all the other TV specials that followed through the decades comes a much-awaited Broadway adaptation of the classic fairy tale. The Broadway Theatre is set to welcome Cinderella, her wicked step family and her whimsy peers on February 21, 2013, with previews beginning January 21st.

Douglas Carter Beane, the writer behind other Broadway hits such as ‘Xanadu’, ‘Lysistrata Jones’ and ‘Sister Act’, revamps this classic tale. As much as ‘Cinderella’ has always been a beloved tale that celebrates love and happiness and criticizes wickedness, pride, envy, and prejudice, literary contemporaries criticize the story for being superficial and for over glorifying beauty and the unnecessary excesses in life. Beane transforms this overhanging perception about the fairy tale by combining the majesty and grandeur of the Rodgers and Hammerstein version with the true essence of Perrault’s story which spawned all the other contemporary adaptations. “I think the last line of the French version is, ‘Beauty is a wonderful thing to have in a woman but not as wonderful as kindness,’” says Beane. “It’s a fantastic message to be telling kids and to be reminding grown-ups of right now,” he adds, citing that the lines between free discourse and expression and limitless hurls of insults and crude behavior has become blurry nowadays and the value of kindness is timely, universal and necessary more than ever.

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