ABBA mania hits the nation’s capital when Mamma Mia! comes to The National Theatre in Washington in March 2014. Have the time of your life with this hilarious musical about love and friendship that audiences around the world can’t seem to get enough of.

Celebrate young love and a wedding on a small island in Greece where Sophie has invited all her friends and family — including three men who just might be her father, according to her mother’s diary! Unbeknownst to her flower-child mother, Sophie wants her father to walk her down the aisle in her fairy tale dream wedding. The tricky part will be finding out which of the three candidates is the real deal.

See their hilarious antics play out in Mamma Mia! at The National Theatre and sing along with the reunited Donna and the Dynamos in their multi-colored spandex glory. Catch Mamma Mia! in Washington from March 4 through 9, 2014.

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