Peter and the Starcatcher Chicago | Bank of America Theatre

How did Peter Pan become the Boy Who Never Grew Up? Find out in this Tony Award winning play, Peter and the Starcatcher, at Chicago’s Bank of America Theatre. This grown-up prequel to the story of Peter Pan will have every person in the audience remembering their own childhood dreams. Catch the stars with Pete and the swashbuckling pirates in April 2014.

A cast of just a dozen actors play the parts of over 100 characters from singing mermaids, to pirates with a little bit of swash and a little bit of buckle, to gods that communicate in Norse code, and a Starcatcher tasked with a special mission to keep the starstuff away from evil tyrants. Fly up to the stars with Peter and the Starcatcher as they face against the bloodthirsty outlaw, Blackstache and his ship of pirates roaming the high seas.

You will never want to grow up when you see Peter and the Starcatcher at the Bank of America Theatre. This hilarious Broadway hit comes to Chicago from April 2 through 13, 2014 only.

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