Half of the Beatles are dead, so any dreams of a reunion show are just up in the clouds, but not with ‘Rain’, the Broadway smash hit that pays homage to the Fab Four’s entire work that made them music gods and pop culture icons. ‘Rain: A Tribute to the Beatles’ comes to Philadelphia as the Kimmel Center’s Academy of Music from June 13 to 15, 2014.

Bask in either nostalgia or just plain thrill of hearing the Beatles’ timeless classics like “I Want to Hold Your Hand”, “Hey Jude”, “Let It Be”, and “Hard Day’s Night” to name a few, along with the band’s most obscure and difficult material, so obscure and difficult, the Beatles themselves have never played it live for an audience.

The show is highly acclaimed for the performers’ mastery of the band’s entire discography – from the lyrics, to the notes, down to the arrangements – they got it all spotlessly covered. They even got Paul, John, George and Ringo’s every move, gesture and mannerism with their instruments and onstage locked down. The performers are so accurate with the music and everything else, it’s like watching the Beatles themselves – live, alive and complete, in all their glory and shabby hairdos.

Bring a date or a friend and feel the excitement, energy and the soul of one of the greatest music acts to have ever walked on earth, sing to the tune of their chart topping hits and learn to love those songs we all have never heard before with Broadway’s finest tribute to the Fab Four, ‘Rain’, when it heavily pours down in Philly next year.

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